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Set out in style

Feria is the first agency of style and design. It brings together 25 experts in trend analysis, style, design, retail, digital communication and creative technologies.

Reinforce your strategy with emerging trends that our styling department will help you identify. This in turn, will open new perspectives in the design of your brand, of your products, of your communication strategy – retail or digital.

Giving you a head start.

Our expertise

Style and design

Like the two hemispheres of one same brain – style and design – are constantly working together.

The intuitive, sensitive and creative side complements the analytic, strategic and prospective side. And vice versa.

This synergy allow us to:

  • detect and analyze trends
  • transform the brand promises into creative attributes
  • determine areas of research and innovate in a concrete manner
  • elaborate brand strategies and implement them
  • create visionary and well-founded lines or products
  • generate design concepts that will make customers dream as well as buy

Our fields of expertise:

  • Style: trend 
research, operational trends book, style consulting, product collections
  • Design: corporate, corporate branding, packaging, publishing, volume design
  • Retail: category merchandising, point of sale promotion and concepts, retail architecture, POS, trade show stands, show-room architecture
  • Digital: corporate website, e-commerce website, social networks, e-mailing 
campaign/SMS campaign, newsletters, mobile applications


They trust us

Take a look at a few of our case studies by clicking on the logos underneath. Feria style & design regularly works with important brands in the definition of their identity, their design – in packaging and in retail – or accompanies them in the creation of their communication tools – in print and web.

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Put your projects in the hand of true experts

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  • Christophe Allisse
  • Feria Style and Design
  • 30, rue St-Augustin - 75002 Paris
  • Tel. +33 (0)1 40 07 59 21

Feria Moods

Feria identifies emerging trends

What trends did we detect? What early warning signs did we pick up on? Is this sign strong enough to become mainstream tomorrow?

Far be it from us to present a pretentious trend book – Feria Moods showcases our spontaneous intuitions that we corroborate with tangible elements.
Whether it is in fashion, architecture, food… we bring together our expertise in different domains to draw up a clear board with an accompanying text of things to come. The idea? Give you ideas. Inspire you to react to these ideas profitably to, in turn, enhance your brand.
Take a look at the Moods here